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Business Case Study 2025


The McDonald's Business Case Study 2025 Edition is an in-depth look at how McDonald's successfully operate more than 40 000 stores globally. 


"The McDonalds case study book was an instrumental aspect of my success in the Business Studies HSC" - Grace Losco - equal first, 2023 Business Studies HSC

The book is full colour, easy to read, up-to-date and will help students gain a greater understanding of how business theories are used by a real business in the real world.

Click here to see how a Top 5 student from 2022 used this book.

Comments from teachers.

  • It’s current and very relevant especially in marketing I don’t know a student that has no experience of Maccas!

  • It's completely comprehensive and straightforward for students to understand. The syllabus structure allows a direct connection to what they are studying and need to be able to apply the case study to.

  • It is well written and gives students of all abilities access.

  • Students can relate to it - makes sense to them and there are several examples that are relevant to our syllabus. 

  • The students work at Maccas so can readily relate to it.  It is also readable, not too wordy, and an easy to handle book that is pretty robust.

  • I love how it is aligned with syllabus outcomes, it is easy to access and understand. It is excellent how it is updated each year with new and improved information. It is relatable for students - it has more of a local focus, unlike the other commercially produced case studies which tend to be loftier and more globalised and political.

  • A lot of my students work there so it is accessible and relevant.

  • The case study connects to all syllabus dot points and includes up to date statistics and images. Students can relate to the level that it is pitched at and it also incorporates terminology.

  • It's relatable to the students. Many of the kids work at Maccas, they have all been in a store, so its easier for them to remember details. The book links their 'working knowledge' to the theory.

  • The Maccas Case study is accessible to all students regardless of academic ability, social economic status or location because it is easy for them to connect with the business examples given.

  • Its related directly to the syllabus headings and dot points. It is written at the level suitable for Yr 12 students. Colourful and set out really well. As a lot of students work or have worked at McDonalds they are able to relate well to the information provided.

  • Easy to understand for the students. Students are engaged better with this case study as many actually work for the Maccas. Visuals and engagement with the syllabus assist students clearly understand the link between business and course work.

  • It's very user friendly, the images make great discussion points in the classroom. A lot of students can easily connect with the content. It follows the stupid syllabus well.

  • Very useful - lots of information that students can relate to and use in their studies.

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