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Comments from participants.

  • As Matthew has said the resources available are typically cumbersome and awkward and even the syllabus needs to be reimagined by the teacher for best results. I like the approach Matthew has developed to effectively address this.

  • Matthew was a fantastic and engaging teacher with plenty of realistic and usable tips that I can integrate into my teaching. It was great! 

  • Very engaging PL which really tackled the issues faced in supporting our Economics students to reach their full potential. 

  • Brilliant day, covered a lot in a short amount of time. Matthew was extremely generous with his time and resources.

  • Very effective, professional and insightful.

  • A worthwhile and enjoyable learning experience.

  • Very good, detailed, fast paced and a great way to rethink how to teach the economics course.

  • I really enjoyed the PL and learnt a lot of teaching strategies to engage my students. Matthew was an excellent presenter and extremely knowledgeable.

Matthew Parsons - Teaching the HSC Economics Course - Year 11 focus -  Master Class*

9.00 - 9.15 Introduction + Outline of the day

9.15 - 10.30 - It’s a 2 year course.

An experts guide to how the whole course fits together and is examined. How to prepare for teaching Year 11 and Year 12 - the homework and preparation to do before stepping into the classroom.

Morning tea

11.00 - 12.00 - Skills and techniques for engagement, understanding and assessment across all topics.

Hands on practical techniques and teaching approaches that you can immediately put to work.


12.00 -1.00 - The opening salvo of term 1

How to lay down the big picture and key early learnings first before diving into dot point frenzy. Practical guidance on content, sequencing, formative and summative assessment for topics 1 and 2.




1.45 - 2.00 - Arise supply and demand

Explicit advice on how to teach supply, demand, the price mechanism and market failure so that students enjoy and understand. The structure, the symmetry and the student misconceptions in this fundamental content.


2.00 - 3.30 Term 3 and investment for year 12.

How to teach labour market and financial markets as intervention in a dynamic way advising students of what recurs in year 12. Mastering fiscal and monetary policy through metaphor and grounded understanding of the policy interest rate corridor and the official cash market.

* This is teacher identified PD

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Matthew Parsons PRELIM ECO Masterclass


Year 11 Focus - 60 days access to videos and resources from our 2024 live event

Valid for 2 months

Valid for 2 months
"Matthew was a fantastic and engaging teacher"
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