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HSC Business Studies - Supersized Teachers Day

We have organised our biggest day ever. Three presenters. Plenty of resources and strategies.


Adam Stanshall - "HSC Finance and reality. What are the differences and how does it impact our teaching?" 

We will unpack the yearly debacle that testing finance in the HSC has become - and look at how you can best prepare your students.

Matthew Parsons - "How the course fits together - key teaching and assessment strategies"


Matthew has an unmatched way of pulling the pieces of the course together so you can always have the big picture front of mind. 

Omar Jamal - "Strategies to smash the business report and extended response section"

Omar and his team have handcrafted an easy-to-follow, step-by-step method of completing the Business Report and ER sections of the HSC. Does it work? Just ask Grace Losco, who used these methods to top the state in 2023!

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  • 1/5/2024 9am - 3pm - Club York

* This is teacher identified PD

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