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Matthew Parsons - Eco Student Day

14th June, 2024 - St Luke's Dee Why

60% of the marks - answering multiple choice and short answer questions to maximise marks 

Critical engagement with the specific styles of questions asked in Economics exams and processes over recent years, approaches and writing guidance on how to maximise marks. How to critique the paper during reading time and confidently engage with the questions.


Putting it all together

Key concepts underpinning the entire course and how to remember the key linkages and relationships and respond to essay questions. This session enables students to see the big picture in the course and draw cross topic linkages in short answer and essay responses with confidence.


Macro policy, micro policy and the conflicting economic objectives

Explicit syllabus revision having regard to the way the content is examined, addressing common misconceptions and current policy settings and effectiveness. 


Common graphs and math elements

A focus on key graphs which are used in examination questions and the common math elements and how questions are structured to engage with that content and bank the marks.


Mastering external stability

A highly examined and often confusing area for students - build up the key who cares question through the balance of payments and net foreign liabilities in a cohesive and easily remembered framework. Includes an update on recent trends.

Students will also receive a practice Eco trial HSC exam at the end of the day - as well as exclusive access to other content.

See a sample video here.

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