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Matthew Parsons - Statistics Access


Must have statistics and exam analysis app - 2024 academic year subscriptions available now

For those who do not yet use Matthew Parsons’ Strategic Economics HSC textbook, he has extracted some of the digital resources that accompany the textbook into a separate subscription app for teachers and students now available for the first time. 


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Priced at just $220 per class, the teacher and all students in the class get access on their computers and phones/mobile devices to:


  • Continuously updated statistics matched to the HSC course with interactive graphs

  • An analysis of past HSC questions by sub topic within the syllabus - for example, all questions relating to the exchange rates sub topic

  • A formula sheet of HSC economics calculations


Students and teachers can add the responsive website to their browser bookmarks, and also add it to their Home Screen on their phones or mobile devices. The site remembers you so you only enter the provided code once on each device.


This saves hours of work for teachers and students traversing the ABS and other resources to identify both current statistics as well as historical trends - not to mention hours saved in reviewing past papers to identify how content has been examined.


Of course, teachers can project the graphs in class as an additional teaching resource throughout the course and during revision, and use the exam question maps to rapidly locate and hyperlink to the exam papers and marking guidelines.


Subscription covers a HSC cohort class.

Please note that these resources, and others, come bundled with the purchase of Strategic Economics HSC textbook from Parsons, further information and details are available here.

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