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Matthew Parsons - Exam template pack and PD course


Teachers are not career word processing experts. 

And yet the layout of examination papers is performed by teachers across the faculties and departments of the school - often wasting significant amounts of time and experiencing significant frustrations in trying to make Word do what the teacher wants it to do.

This class and the accompanying templates in Word and PowerPoint files will make it simple for you to create NESA HSC Style examination papers, and to understand how Word works so that you can easily create quality examination papers for all year groups.

For faculties, and for schools, this provides the opportunities for standards and simplicity across the school, in line with the style of examination papers that students will experience in HSC examination contexts.

There are four template exams with very minor variations in relation to how students mark their names or student numbers on papers.

There is also an extensive online course which steps through how to use the templates. 

This is a one off investment that will save your faculty hours in the years to come. 

Click below to order the online training (lifetime access for all of your faculty members) and your choice of either the Business, Legal or Eco template pack. Additional packs can also be purchased.

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