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Matthew Parsons - Strategic Eco Budget Update


Revision and preparation for macro and micro policy.

The seventh edition of this resource by Matthew Parsons specifically to help students with their HSC exam preparation. Easy-to-read and understand – this resource will cap off student learning with the latest economic information and statistics

Strategic Economics HSC 2023 is an engaging, integrated exploration of the Australian economy and the course of monetary and fiscal policy to manage the Australian economy.

It includes:

  • The 2023 budget measures in detail

  • 137 pages with chapters on monetary, fiscal and micro policies addressing the NESA syllabus

  • bespoke visualisations as well as the best from RBA and Treasury

  • identification of common misconceptions and student difficulties

  • metaphors to aid understanding and recall

  • selected resources suitable for essay quotation

  • an integrated perspective on the impact of economic policy

  • a structured approach to navigating and understanding micro reform


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