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Matthew Parsons - BOP MasterClass


The balance of payments, and in particular double entry accounting and its implications, remains an area of confusion for students and teachers - and a strong understanding is important for HSC performance.

To help teachers, Matthew Parsons (author of QR code enabled textbooks for Economics, Business Studies and Commerce) has produced an interactive online course with videos and activities to help teachers close knowledge gaps and better equip them to teach their students.

The online course MasterClass is available now for purchase, and comes with teaching ideas and a powerpoint presentation with the objects and approaches used to explain the concepts in the MasterClass.

The Balance of Payments MasterClass is just $82.50 per teacher doing the online course (access for 12 months). It should take around 2 hours. Where a school would like to share the online course with their students, that can be arranged at $10 per student.

The online course comprises the following modules, each of which have video, text, and supported by interactive practices where applicable

  • Of course there are two things every time

  • Double entry accounting

  • Some practice and misconceptions

  • Australia's balance of payments

  • Relationship between current account and NIIP

  • How to teach students

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