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12b Visual Syllabus Aug 17 - GC.jpg

Matthew Parsons – Visual Syllabus


The Business Studies syllabus published by NESA is primarily for use by teachers, who ALREADY know the content for the course.

But student needs are different…

Students need to know the content outlined in the syllabus, but the structure, and presentation of the syllabus does not assist students build a mental model of how it fits together. This mental model of how it fits together is crucial for performance in Business Studies.

A visual syllabus designed for students (and teachers too…)

A visual syllabus is a reimagination of the NESA syllabus, which covers the same content, but presents that content in a holistic, cohesive, and visual way which demonstrates connections between the content, and provides ways to remember the content.

The HSC course has four key business functions, Operations, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources – which is also the structure of the visual syllabus.

Within each function, the NESA syllabus has Role, Influences, Processes and then Strategies.

The visual syllabus is restructured in a way which is more sensible:

  • Role (what is the strategic role of the function)

  • Processes (to achieve the strategic role of the function, what does the manager of the function ensure the function actually does)

  • Influences (what internal or external influences impact the manager of the function in doing the processes of the function)

  • Strategies (what options (strategies) are available to the manager of the function to change the processes in a way which responds to and addresses the influence)

All of the NESA material is covered....

Every element which is contained in the NESA syllabus is here - just in a considered, designed, and visual way.


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