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Matthew Parsons – Strategic Business Studies Short Answers


The HSC examination for Business Studies contains 40 marks worth of short answer questions within the three hour paper - which means that this assessment modality is often used in teaching and learning activities in the Preliminary course, and also in internal assessment during the HSC year. It is important that students are prepared in answering HSC style short answer questions, and therefore that teachers (and students) know how to write short answer questions in the style that is used in HSC assessment. This book aims to analyse and deconstruct the style, structure and approach of short answer questions used in HSC assessment in Business Studies to assist teachers prepare them more efficiently, and to a higher quality, and also to assist students recognise, decode, and answer short answer questions efficiently. Overall, the goal of teachers in writing short answer questions to assess HSC Business Studies material should be to craft questions that could easily sit within the NESA HSC Business Studies paper in any given year. That is the standard to which one should write - and which is not an overly onerous standard to achieve. However, that standard can only be achieved where the person writing the questions is very familiar with the historical, typical approaches and conventions used in the short answer questions within NESA HSC Business Studies papers.


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